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LEAD Southeast High is a college-preparatory high school serving students in Antioch and Southeast Nashville with an emphasis on learning and skill building to make all students Ready for College and Ready for Life.

LEAD Southeast High school is the latest school to join the LEAD network. In 2017, we welcomed our first 9th grade class. This year, we added 10th grade classes. We will continue to add a new grade each year until we celebrate our first graduating class in 2021. We share a special relationship with LSE Middle school that creates continuity and community for our students and our families. Students begin in 5th grade and will have a spot on our campus until the end of their 12th grade year. This year, LEAD Southeast High serves 178 students from 22 different countries. Our faculty understands the importance of celebrating this diversity, making it a priority to encourage and support our bilingual learners and their families to make the most of their special gifts.

LSE High partners with LEAD Academy and Cain Ridge to offer football, soccer, basketball, track, volleyball and cheerleading teams. Students are also able to participate in the marching band through a unique partnership with Antioch High School. We encourage our students to be vocal in submitting student proposals for new clubs and recognitions like Model UN and the National Honor Society.

We are part of the LEAD Public Schools network, founded in 2007 on the belief that any

student can achieve at high levels if given the opportunity. Our mission is to prepare every student with the knowledge and necessary skills to be “Ready for College, Ready for Life.” With two high schools and four middle schools, LEAD is Nashville’s largest public charter schools network, serving over 2,400 students across the city.   

As part of the LEAD Network, Southeast students benefit from best in class curriculum and practices:

  • All our students and teachers practice the LEAD Ethos every day: “We are LEADers because we are committed, courageous, disciplined, self-reliant and because we serve others.”

  • Beginning in fifth grade, students have the opportunity to visit college campuses where they can learn about different college programs and begin exploring the best fit to help them continue their education and achieve their goals.

  • Each year, we flip the script on parent-teacher conferences. Students lead the conversation by providing an update to a teacher or family member on their goals and progress. It builds ownership of their academic goals and confidence in professional communication environments.

  • Students participate in Crew, a weekly family time where students gather to discuss their progress and any challenges and to find consistent support from a staff member and community of fellow students. These groups become a consistent part of the student’s experience throughout their time at LSE High.